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Recycled paper is typically used during manufacturing. More lately, recycling on the development site itself is being researched. There is potential for using crushed drywall to amend certain soils at constructing websites, corresponding to sodic clay and silt mixtures (bay mud), as well as utilizing it in compost.

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As of 2016, industry standards are being developed to make sure that when and if wallboard is taken back for recycling, quality and composition are maintained. Blueboard, blue face paper forms a strong bond with a skim coat or a constructed-up plaster finish providing both water and mold resistance. For instance, the National Research Council of Canada routinely publishes such findings. The outcomes are printed as approved designs in the back of the building code. Generally, publicity of drywall on a panel furnace removes the water and calcines the exposed drywall and also heats the studs and fasteners holding the drywall.

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