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As a client, you’re useful to the contractor, not just as a supply of instant revenue but for that each one-important thing referred to as word-of-mouth. No HomeAdvisor lead or Google Ad can remotely come near the value of constructive word-of-mouth. Contractors aren’t meanies about this; they only know that homeowners usually don’t understand the implications of reusing objects. Rather than being a money-saver, it could add extra cost than the homeowner anticipated. By using your uncle to put in HVAC, he can be working with someone with whom he has no established relationship.

“Ten percent? Fifteen? Twenty? Contractors’ markup fees are outrageous! I’ll attempt to discount down his fees to save money.” Goodwill that the contractor has constructed up over years of working with permit officers and staff counts. Contractors might have good relationships with the permit workplace which have prolonged for years.

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